Soffit & Fascia

Find out why proper soffit fascia installation matters in this section. Also see some of the terrible workmanship that resulted in premature failure and repairs 

why use a Quality contractor for Soffit, fascia & Repairs

Soffit, fascia and repairs is a very important feature that adds to a house. Not only does it add a great architectural image a home but additionally soffit helps with the attics airflow. Furthermore it keeps insects and rodents from climbing up into the space between the roof rafters. This helps the overall functionality of your home avoiding potential mold and feces from being in the attic of your home. 

Proper installation of fascia board protects your homes fascia board from the harsh Canadian winters. Many times a improper fascia capping results in a failing eavestrough, resulting in the rotting fascia board unable to hold the gutter spikes. These are some reasons why it is very important to have a proper soffit and fascia installation.

rotting fascia board

Here is a example of improper fascia installation. The water is splashing up out of the gutter and onto the fascia board. This resulted in a failing eavestrough. In addition the original contractor did not use the right eavestrough fasteners causing a premature failure.

Some examples of Bad workmanship

Some work that I have come across doing Soffit & Fascia inspections and repairs  (hover over to see description)