5 Reasons to choose a experienced siding contractor

Here is 5 reasons to choose a experienced siding contractor

1. Proper Use of siding when Water proofing your home

Lets start with the first of 5 Reasons to choose a experienced siding contractor. Most obvious reason why siding is important to your home and that would be to keep it water tight. We have seen a lot of installation errors that cause leaks and costly errors down the road. Surprisingly most errors that we have to correct are from the original build of the house. Around windows and transitioning strips are done improper causing terrible failures that are found after the Tarion warranty is up.  

In the picture you can see the light of day at the top of the siding. This was caused by a improper flashing in the top of the house that leaked through all the way to the basement. The customer spent a lot of money trying to identify where the leak was coming from. This was a original problem from the builder that leaked for 18 years before it was corrected. 

Just one of the 5 reasons to choose a experienced siding contractor.

2. experienced aluminum flashing contractor

Siding can be a very tricky trade to inspect if you have no idea what to look for. Also there is a very complex procedure that needs to be followed to ensure that the entire house is water tight and leak free.

To the right is one one the most common mistakes that we see and have to repair. Mostly this is left from the original build of the home. The outside of the window will look nicely, but when you look above you see that there is a significant hole that is collecting water and sending it straight into the house. 

The proper fix is to do the capping’s proper and leave a tab of aluminum to fold over. So sadly all these window capping’s had to be redone to look like the bottom picture.

It never hurts to check your windows, just push on the siding and look for a hole. If your windows are done proper it is a good indication that the rest of the siding on your home will have good workmanship. 

Just another one of the 5 reasons to choose a experienced siding contractor.

The owner of Kanata Siding Jordon Allain has a full inspection certificate for exterior inspection. Get a quote today.

improper window capping reason to choose experienced siding contractor
proper aluminum capping

3. Make sure your contractor is experianced enough to use proper fastners

Another thing that you can’t see until its too late. It may even take years for the wall to fail, or a terrible wind storm. If the wrong fasteners are used for vinyl siding or the nails are too tight the siding can fail quickly after installation. This will show up as a waving wall. In more extreme cases entire walls fall off within a year of a new installation. 

Many factors can cause fastener failure. One would be the length of the nails used. Vinyl should be a minimum of a inch and a quarter nailed into framing. One the most common mistakes we see is improper fasteners used that will not withstand a bad windstorm.

Another common failure is the type of metal used. For example you cannot use galvanized nails of fiber cement siding because of oxidation. This also a problem with aluminum that touches brick mortar. 

This is one reason why experienced siding contractor that was done his research pays off in the long run.

improper fastener staple
rusty nail improper fastener

4. quality siding workmanship when choosing a siding contractor

Now that all the waterproofing and leaking problems are out of the way. Lets get to aesthetics the siding can create for your home. 

Siding not only is a waterproofing for your home but also helps to identify the era and possible building techniques used. 

So Waterproofing is number one but who wants a water tight ugly home, going to assume no one.

This reason does not need much explanation, there is many poor contractors. As you can see from the picture on the right someone actually paid for this terrible workmanship.

Click to see some of the quality work that Kanata Siding has done in the link below.


bad workmanship vinyl siding

5. proper siding Keeps animals and rodents out of your home

Water is not the only thing that we are trying to keep out of your house. We get many calls yearly about the siding having to be repaired from animal damage and rodents chewing through houses. 

We come across this a lot when we deal with renos. Animals are a lot smarter than some people think, if there is a way in they will find it to keep warm.

In conclusion these are some of the 5 reasons to choose a experienced siding contractor, although there are many more reasons this is our condensed top 5 list. 


animal damage rodents in vinyl siding

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that there are complex procedures when ensuring that your house is going to be leak-free and watertight, so it is important to hire an experienced contractor. I will share this with my mother because she is planning to have new sidings installed next Monday. She wants the new sidings to be installed right the first time to save her time, so it will make sense for her to hire a professional.

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